Chris Jenkins

Technical Sales Specialist (Natural Resources)

Chris Jenkins is a Technical Sales Specialist at Pitney Bowes Software. He has been working as a GIS professional for the last 11 years. The last 7 years have been spent specialising in GIS within the Natural Resources industry including Mineral Exploration and Mining. Chris specialises in spatial analysis, analytics and 3D visualisation and modelling. He has a degree in Remote Sensing and GIS and is a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society.

Articles by Chris Jenkins

Please join us for a free webinar “What’s new in Discover 2014″ – 14th of July

by Chris Jenkins | 8. July 2014 | Ingen kommentarer

PbEncom Webinar Image

Please join us for a free webinar “What’s new in Discover 2014″.  To register follow the link below: Find out what’s new in Discover and Discover3D for 2014, see it in action and learn about the roadmap for the future of Discover and Discover3D.  The session will be around 30 minutes long and will include […]


Multiple Grid Calculations in MapInfo Discover

by Chris Jenkins | 2. May 2014 | Ingen kommentarer

Slope and Elevation True

Using Discover Surfaces is great when you want to use the predefined grid utilities and query tools, but what happens when you want to generate a result and the utility is not present?  In this case, I turn to the Grid Calculator.  Spatial queries can be slow when dealing with large and complex vector datasets, it can […]


Discover Web 3D – 3D Web Mapping has arrived!

by Chris Jenkins | 18. March 2014 | Ingen kommentarer

Web 3D2

The 3D GIS environment is a long standing component in the Geologist’s toolbox. Discover3D has provided exploration geologists with the ability to create geological models based on various data types including, drillholes, voxel/block models, soil surveys, geology and structural mapping for over 10 years. Utilising the power of this multi-data analysis environment is almost routine in many […]


Slope and Aspect Analysis in MapInfo Pro and Discover

by Chris Jenkins | 14. March 2014 | Ingen kommentarer

A vector map derived from the DTM showing all areas that have a South West aspect.

Whether you are an exploration geologist carrying out geomorphic studies or a planner looking to identify suitable locations for building a new development, slope and aspect calculations will almost always be a consideration.  A site may require shelter from prevailing winds, alternatively a site may require a location facing prevailing winds, it maybe that optimising […]


Web Mapping – Building a Social Licence to Operate in the Natural Resource Sector

by Chris Jenkins | 7. March 2014 | Ingen kommentarer


Pitney Bowes Software’s Natural Resource Industry Manager Dan Haigh speaks to Position magazine about the importance of a social licence to operate in the natural resources sector.  This article will ring true with anyone involved in project’s with multiple stakeholders voicing geopolitical and geoenvironmental concerns and considering leveraging the power of web mapping. Click here to read the […]